8 Reasons Why You Should Take the Time to Learn Forex Basics
April 3, 2019 3:55 pm Published by

If you still wonder why learn forex basics, take a look at traders’ mistakes. They all boil down to ignorance of basic principles and basic risk assessment.

Learn Forex Basics in More Depth

You can actually approach learning through a hand-on method, in all kinds of subjects. Not just forex trading. In fact, learning becomes powerful and meaningful when the problems and challenges of life are presented first. The principles and ideas constituting the solutions should come second. Because if one fails to understand the usefulness of a theory. Then they are no longer motivated to learn a great deal about either the problem itself, or the possible solutions. Problem solving is interesting when one faces the problem, and then turns to theory. In the case of forex trading, some typical problems are risk assessment and management. Dealing with open losing trades. Identifying false market moves. And even recovering trading accounts that have been blown by more than 70%. All these problems look impossible to tackle, but actually aren’t. As the forex trading business opportunity appeals to to more and more people, the brokerage industry wants to make things easier for them. By not presenting too much complication. And by facilitating efficient, fool-proof trading. However, you can do better than the majority of these traders, by ignoring classic trading advice. And by solving those big problems of forex trading. That’s what will ultimately minimize risk and trading losses. And when most of the risk is removed, what will eventually remain will be a very profitable trading system.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and in the case of the early light bulb the problem was to make it more efficient. So through more and more research and critical thinking, hidden properties of light and of the atom were explored and quantum mechanics was born as a result… And there was a rebellion against established opinion at a time. Basic principles of physcis however held, and it was them who led the revolution.  In the case of trading, the older generation hangs onto mistaken, unproven ideas, which fail under close scrutiny. But the fundamental principles surrounding market risk and price action are real.